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  • Lucas posted in his Instagram account, saying that the captain is back!


  • fandom-fc:


    a prayer circle for those who will miss el clasico this saturday

    and another prayer circle for those who will watch it

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  • Impatient David Luiz at the airport.

    Capitu interrompendo o pagode alheio. Tsc.

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  • it’s BLUE, what else matters?

    Reblogging as a reminder of what Adidas does with the athletes.

    HULK, P L E A S E QUIT MIZUNO! Sign with Adidas RITE NAO!

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  • aiba masaki — zero-g making

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  • RCL - PSG (1-3)

    I don’t even like Cavani that much but, if he does this celebration and I’m close to him, I feign being shot putting my hand in my heart, just to go with it. It’s fun!

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